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As thank you to everyone who has listened HACK and engaged with me I offer you this letter I received in response to the podcast.  Rather than post it in its entirety and reply, I am going to copy it line by line from my email and write my thoughts as they come.


Dear Mr. Wehner, (formal, eyebrows alerted)


I have recently listened to the first episode of the podcast "HACK - A Storytelling and Writing Serial" (great!) and was supremely disappointed (not  great, but I hope you tell me why!).


Your callous mischarecterization of The Catcher In the Rye was venomous and ignorant (I see a few extra words here which is concerning, the George Carlin's airline safety speech bit is playing in my head, now go on...).  Should some young person (child?) listen to and then recapitulate (repeat?) the offensive way you have portrayed what is both a divinely (you don't have to thesaurus on every other word for me to know how smart you are) written (I'm shocked you didn't say scribed) story AND (it was only a matter of time before it went allcaps) brilliant  personal growth narrative it could be detrimental to the growth of those around them having turned them off what is a much better work than anything you will ever produce.


Still waiting for feedback on the story, even if it's wordy and full of run-ons.


You seem to have some talent for writing (I know the next word is going to be but, I just wanted to draw attention to the first part--because delusion is every bit as good as reality for the time you spend in it), but your vocabulary is limited and prose simple and unenlightened. (I was hoping for accessible, not duechey)  Even if you were to produce a work of some quality (this is the meanest and nicest thing anyone has ever said to me and now my tummy hurts), you will never have success as a writer or as a person should you continue to fling every cretinous and foul thought that comes to your sophomoric head for all to hear. (I have to go to the bathroom)


Your time would be better spent reading a dictionary and then Catcher in the Rye; as many times as needed to grasp its depth and unrivaled beauty and charm.  (and I wonder how you might better spend your time?)


I wish you luck, but most of all I wish you better taste, 



PHD. Candidate (shocking)

PUBLISHED Author (sick burn, I'll give you credit)



Thank you to everyone who gave feedback, even this future doctor who answered an age old riddle:


Who are the people to select Dr. as their honorific from the drop down menu when booking a hotel online?


I will leave you with this line from With and Without You which will appear in the next episode (I think):


Most of the pretensions of academia are held by its students, even the ones who study kale.

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April 26, 2018

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