I need a social media presence.



People keep telling me I need to have an internet presence if I want to sell any books but when I think about sharing with strangers my face gets all Dexter-y and I wonder if I might be some sort of non-murdering sociopath.  What do they call that?  A weirdo?


I've been quiet yet busy this holiday season.  I finished the novel.  Thank you so much to everyone that participated in my podcast-revision-experiment-thing, it was a lot of fun and it helped me make huge but necessary changes to the manuscript .  I am looking for a few avid readers (strangers please!) to look over my final draft for readability and continuity so hit the contact button above if interested.


The rest of my free time has been devoted to learning to write/draw comics.  I have a new story in mind that will work a lot better with words than with pictures.  I digitally paint and color comics so it isn't an enormous leap to draw but I haven't put a pencil to paper (or wacom tablet) since I was too short to ride the rides that go upside down at the amusement park.


I made a deviart page to post my drawings, there is a separate page for coloring which I am far less terrible at.  You can find those here: http://mwehner.deviantart.com/


The above is a Hellboy cover (my favorite comic) I drew with a sharpie on NYE while playing cards against humanity and annoying everyone at the table.  The only time I ever had fun in that game was this Thanksgiving.  I got my dear great Aunt Georgia (who is extremely progressive and liberal and sweet) to say "this is bullshit, fuck the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr".


I find that game tedious but that single moment was the highlight of my holiday season, maybe my life.  


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April 26, 2018

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