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I abhor the idea of a blog. I don't like sharing. I don't want to show you the picture of a fancy sandwich I ate or give you advice on how to write. That platform works for a lot of people but if I had to resort to that to get people to pay attention to me I would become very grumpy, very quickly.


That being said, if I want people to buy my books (and my art and the million other things that I do) then I am going to have to start sharing. So I'm going to do it in my own way.


Now that the first book is behind me I need to build an audience. This is something you are supposed to do long before you start writing, but I tend to do the opposite of what I am told--I haven't had a boss in something like 15 years and grew up largely self-governed. So this post is an informal announcement of my next project. It's going to be totally free and honest and raw and fucking entertaining and weird and odd. It will be the most authentic representation of me possible.  It's a podcast (I KNOW) called "Interesting Sh!t."


It's not going to be an interview show or a show based on pop culture, this is something different. It's going to be a one-man show where I write a non-fiction essay each week on any topic I choose. I've got a few banked and the first episode is going to be called "Psychedelic Drugs Won't Save the World," or something like that. The next will be about genetics and the way our past influences our behavior and I will tie it in and talk a bunch about my novel and how I got you to root for (SPOILER ALERT, highlight it) a rapist and not even know it. 


I have a bunch of audio recorded and it will be released just as soon as I am done recording and producing the audiobook for "The Girl Who Can Cook." 

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April 26, 2018

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