Weekend Art Markets - Free Comics Drawings for Kids



I love this stupid sketch. I did it to illustrate an essay but I know this is going to be me in forty years. I'll have the elbow patches and everything.


Some news for the week! I am going to be exhibiting art on both Saturday and Sunday in town (thankfully). On Saturday we are having our annual fair of the arts and I will be in booth 77, on Kirkwood in front of Chase bank.


I've got some new stuff this week, some landscapes and a bunch of tiny animal watercolors because I don't like the looks I get when people hit a huge tuft of visionary art without a little break from the super-bizarre. I like to scare you and challenge you but Jesus I could throw one sunset in, right? Plus it's fun to try new things and learn.


I will have a sign up sheet Saturday morning and the first ten kids (with their adults) who ask for a comic drawing will get one done free. I will do AS MANY of these as I possibly can but I am committing to ten. Sign up early and have your superhero ready. For the love of god and for the sake of the other kids, no Spider-Man. The stupid webbing on his outfit takes forever.


Sunday I will be on the south side of town in Artisan Alley. It's far more relaxed there so if you want to bring your kid there then I can all but guarantee free art for your kid.


As always, buy my book five times over. Tell five people. If you enjoyed it at least. It's come to my attention that this subject matter and strong female lead make for a good book club book. I read by myself but by all means get it in your book club. Someone tell Reese Witherspoon while you're at it, not sure my tweets will convince her to read it. Is that over-confident? Probably but you don't get anything unless you ask.


 Art is my job. Words are my life. HELP. 

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April 26, 2018

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